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Versuri B2K - Girlfriend (remix)

[R. Kelly]
[i need a girlfriend in background]

I usually don't do this but ahh
ay yo yo dave mack
you know we had to go and do a remix
it just wouldn't be right baby
B2K flip it

Just copped a bently and its parked in my garage
a 2 o clock appointment for my massage
and everywhere they go they know just who we are
there they go, its them ghetto superstars
[R Kelly]
The latest throw backs and the ones on my feet
so girl watch yourself cuz i'm tryin ta keep em clean
all of our girlies go from black to japenese
but yea there's still just one thing that i need

girlfriend [x8]

coo coo coo coo........
I know ya'll out there in ya'll cars and jeeps
but what i want ya'll to do for me is get outta ur car right now and party in

[Lil' Fizz Rap]
Chillin wit my homies
its about that time
shorty with a man i'm bout ta make her mine
She lookin at Fizz like a man that shine
oh it ain't no doubt we gonna bump and grind
i see this girl eyeing me cuz my body is shining
it's just a matter of time befo i (gasp) mine
don't eva chase her cuz i got so much paper
that dey all up on me
i got a fatY excursion thats about a block long
and a fat A*S crib thats about a block long
these bunnies in the mirror just followin the chrome
yea they wanna get with the rapper that sings songs
i got the po po's
followin the limo
sure i'm somewhere in the van chillin with this hunnie
plus i got this thick chick feelin on me
and i'd sure love to see her hips roll for me

girlfriend [x8]

coo coo coo coo........

B2K and pi-pi-pi-piper
B2K and pi__piper
B2K and pi-pi-pi-piper
B2K and pi-pi-pi-piper

girlfriend [x8]

coo coo coo coo........

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