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Versuri B2K - Boys for life

[rap 1]
For the first 3 yrs
We were on coat fax
No deals no money
But everyone had our back
We know it would happen and that for a fact
Until then we were just watching Cosby? s in the laundry mat
Scrounging up change for a pizza guild
No ride to Roscoe's
We made our own sunrise
Getting sick off cheetoes
Skittles and benekos
Marques yelling cause we eat his last taqeto
Wishing for a bank account with at least 2 zero? s
Playing ball all day
Sharing one Gatorade
No dogs of our own
So we walked Bear and Jane
Playing B-B bridges
Hopping over gates
Just to go swimming
Yeah we were bad
Tryna holla at older women
Times where hard
You know we didn? t get much
But we had each other and that was enough

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