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Versuri B2K - B2ks holla

When i thang of you i want to s*x you. you make me want to pled jarell
cause iam your tip my lokks my be desinvin oh i ant to s*x you tonight.
i promise you be satifed.

cuz b2k is like
yes there s*x is like
yes there body is like
yes yes iam freakin it in i love it.

now jboog busted two nuts now iam me omari is ready for three
razb told me what does it take to get me heard a lil fizz gurl you don't have
to slob cuz i know you not down fot swallowing. so come on b2k i now you ready
for there jboog said lay on my side raz on my legs lookin at my beautiful smile
all yes they coming to puy it all in there. then omari pulls myhair but they nut want last cuz
lil fizz slashs.

cause 2 times

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