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Versuri B-Blow - At the gates

Open the gates into the burning darkness
The serpents are guarding the gates of the burning shadows
Open it wide just one more time
So eager to see all the fear inside
He stands in the garden of grief
And know this is were your disciples belong
The darkness spreads over the garden
And from the deepest abyss the wolf will appear dark and cold
With the message of burning endless life
They are after your doomed soul
Open yourselves welcome this pain
And float upstream toward the altar of death

The blackest heart he has
He who sentence your soul
This is your creator
Swallow a bite of his bitter life
And you will give up your hollow life
Better than your greedy life

Reproduce yourself from darkness
And divine emotions fool your mind to feel
Only happiness
When it only means that, your time is gone
The sand within the hourglass is on the bottom
It's all gone all life ends your life ends

Your life ends, divine aggression you live in death creation
Your hollow life ends like so many before
You're sentenced to walk among others in the land of eternal shadows
Dwell among the shadows learn to be equal him who you fear

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