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Versuri Axxis - Shadowman

Magic night I can hear the voice of the shadowman...

Every night
I hear the steps in my mind
I'm freezing and feel the fear
this nightmare won't disappear
I try to touch your face
hiding away in the haze
you're turning your head I cry I die
the eyes red like fire are mine

I'm gonna break glass
I'm in a mirrorland
everywhere I go I stay
there is no place to hide away

Magic night
I can hear the voice of the shadowman
Dream my dream there is no way out
magic eyes
take a look in the face of the shadowman
it's like a hellride through my mind

Wings of night
a black door to the other side
here is the gate to the depth of my soul
where my spirit is out of control
I'm feeling in a daze
Í watch that demon's face
I know it's myself I see...
the shadowman it's me

I'm on the other side
the dark world of dreams
I'm bad not innocent
my other self in the mirrorland


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