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Versuri Avril Lavigne - Wishing about you

I never can sleep at night baby,
I was wishing you were here with me,
If only you were wishing like me..
Then baby,
It was only a short time,
I didn't think you'd notice about me,
Cos' I'm crazy...
Wishing about you boy,
And maybe....

If there was a way I could get to you,
You now know I'll take it,
Boy I'm crazy (crazy) over you
I'm thinking about last night,
And maybe boy,
Maybe you were right,
So now that I have that clear to you,
I think about you all the time,
But it this really a crime?
I mean I'm making this clear to you,
But baby don't you love me too,

Maybe you were right what if can't make it on my own,
I'm still wishing 'bout you,
I think you love me too,
And if we just take one more night
I promise to you, no more limit to the fights,
I'm gonna get my soul to you boy,
And when I do,
I'll be wishin my heart out,
That I never made that decision,
Come on boy, are you gonna take some chances,
Or live your normal life, with no more dances,

I've thinkin bout this thing out,
Maybe it's not the best for me,
But how will I know when the time comes,
That you fall in love with me again,
How will I know you at our good times,
At our bad times,
Here it goes boy but you just wont listen to me,
I'm gonna take my chances, for my dances,
So are you hearing me out yet?
I want you to posotivly hear me now,

I'm still wishin you were here with me,
No more fights I promise baby,
Just listen and hear me out,
Will you just please..
Be wishin about us,
I know you love me,
So why you trying to aviod me,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm wishin you would do me like this,
But baby is this really bliss?

Boy, I'm lost but now you found me,
But how, how could you know,
You read me like an open book,
But remember that I owe you.

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