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This is me [twisted] - versuri Avril Lavigne |
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Versuri Avril Lavigne - This is me [twisted]

You get so nervous every time I touch your hand,
But boy I'm just tryin to tell you I really care,
But I'm not like her she just tries to dare,
Without thinkin
But every time I say whats wrong
You just turn away
Thinkin of that every day
I just wanna know if you
Even {twist f***} cared for me, or the things I do

Why should you be askin is that you,
You know I'm gonna do what I usually do,
Think what to say then blow it for you
Why do you always wanna know
If this is me
Without askin me
Don't know if its the truth or a lie
Can't even tell between day and night
But this is me

I just look like {twist s***} cuz of tears that refuse to dry
Still I'm askin myself why
He just keeps on tellin me
He doesn't believe me
I'm still safe
But if he doesn't know then why am I goin nearly crazy...

Don't think I'm a pretty young girl from pretty ol state
Thinkin of you I'll just havta wait
I'm still a'thinkin about you, and about me
What am I gonna do I'm going crazy

This is me dont be fooled by those imatates
I'm not leaving I'm in the same state
Only blame me for my mistakes

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