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Versuri Aurora - Martyr of life

trimise de Ovidiu0101Ovidiu0101.

You nawseate by your mediocre life
Gasping for breath like a dying child
Lowering your head from the heaviness
of the stone that has kept you from your selfishness
You strumble down the path of discontent
Claw dirt with your trembling hands
Light a cigar with a golden Zippo
while you run like hell against the gallows
Gallows of God So have a cigar
You're soon going so far
Drink up your wine
You'll be just fine boy
You're a matyr of life
walking through the gallows of God

[Solo: Broberg]

You cause yourself to flee along the misery
Perishing in frustrations beyond infinity
Numb emotions flooding through your soul
Death and freedom is your everlasting goal
So over your shoulder
you throw your heavy cross
You're a matyr of life
walking through the gallows of God

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