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Versuri Aurora - Ethereal goddess

trimise de FlotrixFlotrix.

innocent and erotic
she slept in the arms of nature
she was the princess of passion
the light of day, fairly and sinful

she woke up to a dewfull morning
which kissed her body
and the feeling of vibrations

she flew down to the sea for bathing
and there... she was lost
lost forever in the grip of tenderness

... a tiny voice said...

float into me make love to me
as million drops like these
have people soved into me

... who are you?... i am the one who reflects the sun
i and the waves carresses you gentle

child you must breath
before you sleep
so child breath

... she says...

the nature inside me
the trunk without life
dirty water and the sun isn't smiling
why god why

the princess opened up her never opening flower
and combined in passion the two lovers were forever...
the end of a tragical love story

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