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Valley of the kings - versuri Aurora Borealis |

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Versuri Aurora Borealis - Valley of the kings

In the land of the dead to the west of the
Nile remains the great Kings preserved
for the spirits, resting forever guarded
by Hamor Protector of all that lie in
the valley

Four Goddesess, watching
over the, sarcofagus
inside the embalmed
peaceful, eternally

In the future the spirits returns to the body
beggining the journey for the afterlife
keeping belongings that once were their own
To live with the gods in the other land

Entombed, in his lair
awaiting the coming
beneath the earth, behind stone walls
awaken to live, once again

In the valley of the Kings they stay
in the tombs of gold is where they lay
forever gazing in the dark

Body wrapped in silken cloths
force felt throughout the pyramid walls
dreams of eternal life
[repeat last verse]

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