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Versuri Audioslave - Cochise

trimise de C0piluldintineC0piluldintine.

I've been watching
While you've been coughing
I've been drinking life
While you've been nauseous
And so I drink to health
While you kill yourself
And I've got just one thing
That I can offer


Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
And take it out on me

I'm not a martyr
I'm not a prophet
And I won't preach to you
But here's a caution
You better understand
That I won't hold your hand
But if it helps you mend
Then I won't stop it


Drown if you want
And I'll see you at the bottom
Where you'll crawl on my skin
And put the blame one me
So you don't feel a thing


===!! c0piluL diN tin3!! ===

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