All I need is you - versuri Atb feat Sean Ryan |
All I need is you - versuri Atb feat Sean Ryan |

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Versuri Atb feat Sean Ryan - All I need is you

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Verse 1:
Love plays a part, this state of mind, frayed out in,
Strands holding taught, caught in frozen time,
A promise, slowly fades as life lingers on,
Kaleidoscopes, a looking glass hid deep within,
Our secret place set far away, with nothing
Left but a voice as if calling to say.

Hold on, breathe out with me now,
My love, sing this aloud
While you're alive,
Don't let go, make so you never lose all you desire,
Set free your mind.

Verse 2:
I feel more alive now than I've ever been,
Lost in the cold tide of you,
Time holds a fine white line from where our dreams begin
And now all I need is you,
Caressing each other,
Falling forever,
And now all I need is you.


Hold on...

Verse 2:

Caressing each other

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