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Versuri Astaroth - Kyrie astaroth eleison

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And God shall wipe away all tears, from their eyes
And their shall be no more death and no sorrow and cries
For the former things are passed away the Messiah returns
To rule in power and in glory, with your son

Lies only lies, this book is full of lies
To seduce mankind, the redeemer was sent
I was never afraid, to deny this commands
Forced by the evil, forced to worship this God
I fall from the sky

When there is war in heaven and angels fight angels
The wrath of Satan, the wrath of thy servants has won
In war with God, in why I'm living
Master - I. N. R. I. - You are my enemy

Kyrie Astaroth Eleison
Kyrie Astaroth Eleison

Lucifer - Once you hold the light
Master - Fallen into mysterious night
Damned - Damned to rule the dark
Jahwe - jewish God of lies - the mark

On the eight day of genesis, God created me
Don't know who I am, I am his destiny
Your last temptation has come, since you let me in
The fallen angel returns, the revolution can begin

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