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Versuri Silence
- Assemblage 23

I want you to know the thoughts
My mind contains
I want you to feel the rage
Pulse through my veins.

I want you to see the anger
In my eyes
I want you to feel fear
For your own life.

I want to see the tears
Fill up your eyes
I want to see you beg
And apologize.

I want to walk behind you
Without a sound
I want to burn your body
To the ground.

Don't let my silence
Bother you
I'm only seething
Don't misconstrue
Silence as safety
As security
There's an explosion
Inside of me.

I want you to know the depths
Of my disgust
I want you to learn
The meaningless of trust
I want you to rue the day
That you were born
I want you to feel the fury
Of my storm.

I want my silence to keep
You up at night
I want you to know the hatred
You incite
I want you to sit and listen
To me scathe
I want to dance upon your
Sorry grave.

(CH) x 2