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Versuri The incarnation of lust
- Asphyx

Lust is our motive a divine gift burning sensations let your mind drift
lust awakes feelings we usually hide lust is desire sets your soul on fire
Lust gives ecstasy, lust is a thrill hidden emotions, allow you to kill
lust is combition, lust brings greed lust will show you what you need
lust for passion, lust for s*x lust for life and lust for death
lust is infinity, lust is our beast reflectiong mirror of forbidden feasts
Lust creates frustrations burning psychic pains manic depressions
will drive you insane put your mind open enter yourself
discover the savage behind its mental shell
Lust is our freedom, lust is our curse lust will guide us for good or for worse
lust is a tear, lust is a smile anger and joy dance on in your mind
lust is a woman, lust is a man war between s*xes, who understand?
that we're still children when our spirits break free

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