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Versuri Asphyx (forgotten war)
- Asphyx

Marching into battle to a war you do not know read the fearfull faces
make them look so old the homefront says its prayers wishing them all well
but they will never return from this bitter living hell the trenches are awaiting
cold and moisty graves obey the insane orders a soldier is a slave
They will die in the war between all the filth and gore
is there any glory in this heroic story
Look at the ones who cause this and analyze their games
you'll find that they're all guilty wallowing in their shame
elected by the people by promising a war but now you've seen the butchering
you don't want it no more
Politicians hiding cowardly stinking scum display of all powers
in the war they've just begun planning defense budgets guess who gonna play
think I'll start the uproar and sweep them all away

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