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Versuri Asia - Who will stop the rain?

This problem is insoluble
The answers seem impossible
The logic ceases to exist
Emotion is the beat we miss

I stand on a world
Where dreams, realities, existance are the same
We take from the mother's skin
But the world is not to blame

Who tells the wind which way to blow?
I wonder who will stop the rain
The rocks that hold the secrets, they don't know
So who can stop the rain?
We've lost the path for all we know
Now tell me when will it start again?
And as the old man lifts his hands
Please can you stop the rain?

Stars fall far away
Like they never did before
A new moon shining
Like it never will again


Desert white cloud
Spirits they sing
Rain falls from the big sky
Onto broken wing

There is no sence in turning back
To wash the debris from the track
World without fears without rhyme
We fought for peace within our time


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