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Versuri Asia - Kari-anne

trimise de OjosasiOjosasi.

Heart and soul
You took me in a special way
No time at all
My feelings were just put away
Angel in red
I couldn't take my eyes off you
A golden chance
Into the light, out of the blue

This is the time
The place is a four minute rendezvous
But oh my God
The thought never entered my mind
Before I saw you

(Oh Kari-Anne)
The first time that I ever saw your face
Girl, I knew
(Oh Kari-Anne)
I never should be standing in this place
But I do

A shameless love
We know what we're gonna do
A hopeless romance
But I love every inch of you
In your arms
Do anything you want me to
No way out
My heart just tells me what to do

Oh Kari-Anne, Kari-Anne...

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