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Versuri Ashmolean - Madness beyond

A cross reminds the time I was with you
A time that I could see trough

Find the strength of your heart in you
So that we can enflame our unity
Bitterness troughout is what creates the fear
but fear not you're the one that'll always hunt
Queen of darkness, nimf of the night
let's return forever so our flame can relight
as our thongs meet my eyes weep
peacefully, dreaming of a time beyond beyond here

After midnight, by a full moon I will search amongst the trees for you
wolfes of the moonlight I will defy
as I carres your leaves as if they were.... Mine
All the dark forces surrounding me have come
to lead me away from you, the way it begon
reallity's arrival looks so sweet
but left alone I lost my inner-heat

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