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Versuri The boy
- Ashley Tisdale

trimise de DenisamihaelaDenisamihaela.

I've held on
just too long
no more loving from me you said
I can't even sleep yeah I'm falling outta bed
baby why can't you just take me back
I feel like I'm being kicked off a track
oh, i just imagine me holding you
no one but us two
we're alone again
it feels like you must've been heaven sent.

you the boy I'm lookin' for
you the boy I've been longing for

how many more days until take me back again
can I tell you more about my not-love life
without you it's all struggle and strife
you the boy
the boy
the boy
the boy.

so here I am standing with you in the crowd
don't even bother to look down
cause I ain't gonna be there
I know I'm the one that ran and yes it isn't fair
but you see
I couldn't handle your love baby
Now I just lie on my bed
thinkin' about everythin you said
yeah, and I thought we were together (chorus).

no more love
no more trouble
I guess that's how you can put it
but haven't you seen that together we fit
hold me
like you held her
(we were meant to) be!!!!! (chorus 2x)