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Versuri Artificial Joy Club - Psychic man

trimise de LadygagapmLadygagapm.

What¡¯s up am I on chat line? My name is Sal & Capricorn is my sign. I like Star Trek &
Brad Pitt, I watch Kung-Fu B movies & shave my armpits.

My brain is a sewer, where you dump your garbage.

Read me psychic man & tell me who I am, just put it on my visa.
Bleed me psychic man, I know you understand, you make it up so easy.

I don¡¯t watch lesbian p****, will I befriend a trailer & die a smoker? Will I marry a
redneck, will publisher¡¯s clearing house drop off a big cheque?


Reach through the phone there Bud, are you Vulcan can you meld with me? I¡¯ll reflect some evil to
your head, ¡®til your dead.

Will I cough up a fur ball when reading the tabloids doctors¡¯ pulled my gerbil? Will I meet a new
boyfriend, or will I be porked by martians & bare their children?


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