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Versuri Artificial Joy Club - No shame

trimise de KtyshkKtyshk.

I like to dream about the Beatles, I also ponder issues like Pete Best.
I watch my poster fill up with dart holes, but I dream too much.

I wonder if I¡¯ll ever be a hero. I wonder if I¡¯ll measure up to zero.
Either way I¡¯m really 10 feet tall, with no shame at all.

I¡¯d like to sing as good as Sinatra, and I used to think I could be an astronaut.
I chuck my demo tape at the T. V., but I think too much.


No one hears me ¡®cause no one¡¯s there. I¡¯m lost in nowhere but I know I¡¯ll, I know
I¡¯ll be fine.
My pez reality dispenser¡¯s empty, but I just don¡¯t care.


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