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Versuri Artificial Joy Club - I say

trimise de Adela1997Adela1997.

Blah, blah, blah, the V chip on my tongue¡¯s gone berserk. One channel left, I hope you like my
talk show network. Can dress me up, can¡¯t take me out, I¡¯ll make you squirm, without a doubt.
I say what I feel, it gets me into trouble. I feel what I say, I don¡¯t care anyway. I do what I
like, it doesn¡¯t make me humble. I like what I do, it¡¯s just my attitude.

Steve Austin & I both have bionic mouths. His saves the world, mine just spews whatever out.
Sometimes my foot gets really stuck inside my mouth, I don¡¯t give a f***.


Hey badabing, hey badaboom!! My lines don¡¯t come on silver spoons. You don¡¯t get refunds when
you buy my brand of etiquette.


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