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Versuri Artificial Joy Club - Garbage cans

trimise de Clau95_UbyClau95_Uby.

I watch my neighbors next door, the Mr. & Mrs. at war. He lost his arm back in Nam & they
both drink like fish. They used to swap fluids at night, but now all they swap is a 911 fight.

Fading plastic garbage cans, waiting for the garbage man. To all the junk I¡¯m waving goodbye.
Fading plastic garbage cans, full of things that lost their relevance, I wonder if there¡¯s
treasure inside?

The flies have made friends on the curb, just like their buddy dead bird. Cancel the picnic the love
nest if swarming with bees. Their yelling is at razors edge, then suddenly silence the lights have
gone dead.


For days it¡¯s been quiet, I only see Mr. Neighbor. And garbage day¡¯s here now, I wonder where
the Mrs. could be?


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