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Versuri Artificial Joy Club - Crawl

trimise de Apa41Apa41.

We gotta talk, you can¡¯t keep it up now, you¡¯re eating Kraft Dinner in the eye of a twister.
You don¡¯t listen to me, I¡¯m your referee, I¡¯m screaming real loud all you hear is a
You can see what you wanna see, you can hear what you wanna hear, don¡¯t look at me for your
enemies, I wanna see you..

Wake up, sugar sugar, come down smell the coffee, drink your fears, taste your problems, crawl....

You like to sleep alone on a landmine. Your life¡¯s not a joke but it¡¯s painfully funny. You
don¡¯t listen to Sal, but she is your real pal, you¡¯re waiting for a ride but there¡¯s nobody
coming. You can freak if you wanna freak, you can fight if you wanna fight, learn to crawl when
you¡¯re really weak, I wanna see you....


You can sink if you wanna sink, you can swim if you wanna swim, you can¡¯t afford me to be your
shrink, I wanna see you.....


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