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Versuri Artension - Sacred pathways

I crossed the jungle to the Nasca lines
And found myself on ancient runways

Sacrifice... abandoned by the Gods
Human life... Who will remain?
Who will remain?

Sacred Pathways... oh
Sacred Pathways... oh

They're only visible from crafts in flight
So who created all these patterns?

Perfect lines... carved into the stone
Strange designs... answers unknown

Sacred Pathways... oh
Sacred Pathways... oh

What was the tragedy
that brought them to this end?
Earthquake? Fire?
Or seven years of drought?
Why did they die?

I took a walk along the Nasca lines
And felt the force of ancient powers

Tales of lives... safe within the stone
Whose designs?... we'll never know,
we'll never know

Sacred Pathways... oh
Sacred Pathways... oh

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