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Versuri Arsenie - Bang bang

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Bang bang to my heart,
Bang bang to my soul,
Bang bang, you're so hot,
I lose control,
Bang bang, I become a wild thing,
Everytime you bang, bang, bang.

Strofa 1:
Ooops, I fall in love,
Like a school boy,
What is going on,
I'm feeling like I'm your toy,
First time in my life,
I need somebody day and night.

Do you, do you,
Do you really love me?
Girl, you know I do,
And then come and show me,
Bang into my heart,
You are a lucky boy.


Strofa 2:
Slap me if I'm wrong,
I think you're love is strong,
Kiss me if I'm right,
I will stay with you tonight,
Tell me what's going on,
Is it wrong? You're love is strong.


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