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Versuri Are You God? - The ticket

trimise de MattMatt.

Telephone ringing at your home again
Give them
your donation
You do
the best you can

These m*********s
Get you in their game, playing with your prayers
Religion is a gun
Kill'em all

Behind sweet talks one sacred farce
Peace for the world for your money to bring
My friend you're a loser

Many ways to be a good man
Helping the poor to find a good life
Rich life
for the fake

This, the path to your salvation
When will you finally understand?
What a reason for donations!

Guilt you feel for exploitation
Damage your checkbook has to repair

Maybe you should take the pain
Pay the price
Or ask yourself the worth of your bought prayers

Heaven for a price

Mansions and limousines
Jets and filthy yatchs
Your guilt -
maintained to keep them fat

Dig deep
Your pocket has no end
They drop their pants and you will bend

Your home
Your car
Sell your kids and you'll go far

Your life
A hole
What's gone now returns above

Abandon all reason
Freeze your flesh and blood
And then when you're in heaven
you will sadly realize

Abandon all reason
Freeze your flesh and blood
You will sadly realize
There's no return

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