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Versuri Another Tale - Not a lovesong

trimise de Ovidiu0101Ovidiu0101.

I believe in the thrill of the hunt

My venes4re infected by the smell of my gun

To sweat to swallow to kill to strike

Is my therapy to protect my rights

I4ll be with you don4t have a choice

I watch you sleeping hear your voice

Your raging against my mind

But I4m the knot in your lifeline

This is not a lovesong

Call me facist spoil my ground

I4m the first and last to be around

I kiss your lips for twenty pounds

And when You explode I will be the sound

I4m the acid air you4ve gotta breathe

I kill your family as soon as you leave

I4m the dirty floor on which you sleep

And my sense of purity is endless deep

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