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Versuri Aner - Stay with me

trimise de DanielDaniel.

I Think About You!
Do You Think About Me?
I Think About Us, Where Should I Go?
And How Is Gonna Be?

Do You Know What I Feel?
I'm Afraid, I'm Losing You.
Look At Me Now, Is This For Real?
I Won't Give Up On You.


Oh, Baby We Should Fight Together
It's Now Or Never, Let's Fight For All We Have.
Oh, Baby I Can Treat You Better
Let's Stay Together, I Hope We'll Make This Right.
Stay With Me Now, Stay With Me Tonight
Oh, Baby We Should Fight Together
It's Now Or Never
I Need You By My Side.

I'm Fallin' Apart.
I Know There's Someone Else
Under Your Skin, Deep In Your Heart
And It Makes No Sense.

Why You Do This To Me?
Don't Forget Who's Loving You.
He's Passing By. Why Can't You See?
I Won't Give Up On You.

I'll Leave It All Behind Just To Be With You
My Heart Is Broken In Two So What Can I Do?
I Love You More Than Life. I See You As My Wife
But Now... Where Should I Go?

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