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Versuri Ana Johnsson - Still

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Seven years since we first fell in love
Seven years since my heart came undone
Oh the memory still makes me warm
'Cause I love you still

And I will learn to go on
I'll smile when I'm expected to, I know I will
Yeah I will learn to move on
But I love you still

So they say that all wounds heal with time
Then how come time is not healing mine
It's like you locked yourself into my mind
And I love you still

How I wish I could go back
I'd never let us make the same mistakes again
How I wish I'd take you back
'Cause I love you still

Been counting endless nights and days
You're hundred thousand miles away
But I feel you, I feel you
And what I feel will never change
All tomorrows fall on yesterday
'Cause I love you still
Yet I love you, love you still

I'm pretending to be strong
I'm fooling myself everyday, saying I'm OK
When there's nothing left, I will hold on
I will love you still
I will love you still

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