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Versuri Amy Grant - I know better now

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Some people always know the right thing to say
I don't really think I was born that way
And with the gift of charm they're well endowed
I love to watch them float right through a crowd

I used to think it took a giggly girl
To win some fame in this mixed around world
But I know better now

One day I met a man who showed me love
There standing on His head was a snowwhite dove
And he said, once I came down to this mire for you
But I'm the Son of God, He's your Father too
It wasn't long until my new walk began
Since I've found Jesus, my life is in His hands

Now I have a life, no one can take it from me
And I've a home above I'm waitin' to see
There're many rooms in the house of the Lord
Why don't you come along, and bring someone more


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