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Versuri Amy Grant - All that i need is you

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Lord, You know it's been a busy day.
And I'm just weary to my bones
I hope You'll understand if I don't pray
But I need my rest to carry on.
Why do I kid myself, You see my heart
The me I try so to ignore.
And Lord You know how very weak i am
I just can't hide it any more.
All of a sudden I knew
That I'd never be wanting
as long as I'm leaning on You.
Oh Lord, all that I need is You.

Everytime when the doubting comes And I seem to lose my way,
When I cry within 'cause I need a friend
But I just don't say You know that I need You.
All at once it's clear, even though You're here
I've tried to make it on my own. I'm not trusting You.
Lord, you know that I really need our time together.
Only your strength can see me through
So talk with me now As You walk with me now in this quiet time
I'm waiting on You Cause...
Repeat Chorus twice

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