Amarain (two moons) - versuri Amr Diab |
Amarain (two moons) - versuri Amr Diab |

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Versuri Amr Diab - Amarain (two moons)

trimise de Anduka11Anduka11.

are these 2 moons or your eyes?
my heart asks about you
you see me thinking about you
maybe i am in love
i swear this was not on my mind
oh love
from the love
oh love
it is filling my nights
oh my life
all my life
i have given myself to her
and her eyes have told me something
i am becoming infatuated with you my precious
and me
what has happened to me?
that i now melt in your love
why is it you whom i love?
how and when did you make me
so infatuated with you?

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