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Versuri Amazing Transparent Man - Freckle

trimise de Deutza2k5Deutza2k5.

What makes her think that she can tell me all her problems
How can she tell that i'm the one that really cares
she asks me what to do i ask her why she trusts me
sometimes i wonder if, my answers are for me not her

Everytime i see her my mind starts working overtime
I think of all the cool things, I'd like to tell her
i try to think of all the cool things that could happen
if i would ask her and she answered yes, yes, yes

What if i would, what if we did
what if i tried and she felt the same
What if she won't date me, and what if she hates me
i guess I'll sit at home and wonder, if after all this time
you were meant for me, is that the way it should be?

What if i start a fight and everything turns into hate
what if my friends say "***k you, we won't hang out with her"
I'd really like to maybe later i should ask her
I have to hope that later is not to late


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