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Versuri Alvin Slaughter - The latter rain

trimise de StefanStefan.

The word of God in the book of Joel the 2nd chapter
and the 28th verse reads:
And it shall come to pass
That I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh
Your sons and daughters shall prophecy
Your old men shall dream dreams
Your young men shall see visions
And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids of
those days
Will I pour out my spirit
Get ready for the latter rain

[verse 1:]
The wings of change are blowing
But its now will be no more
The season has now come upon us
This is what we've been praying for
The windows of heaven are now been wide
The showers blessings pour on us like a

It's the latter rain, oooh
It's the latter rain

[verse 2:]
Fathers behold your sons
Mothers behold your daughters
Their belly shall be filled with the spirit
Flowing like rivers of waters
The dream now awakens
And the vision now tells
Of the words that were spoken by the prophet Joël

[Chorus] 2x

I'm convinced more now than ever
That we don't serve a God of the mundane
But God of supernatural
You see, when we worship him in faith
He will always meet us at the point of our needs
Dry, fleshly worship is not enough
Get ready, get ready to be completely drenched and
covered by the power of the spirit
For He alone is our peace
God is all the power we need
The power to make new, He has the power to save
So today as we worship Him, I pray the power of God
will fill your life to overflow with the latter rain

[verse 2]

[Chorus till end]

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