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Versuri Alvin Slaughter - Suddenly

trimise de StefanStefan.

They were all together in one place
In an upper room
Praying for God's power from on high
They were waiting for a promise made
Not so long ago
Jesus said that He would set their souls on fire
Suddenly the sound of the wind came rushing in
And their souls were set aflame
To them He gave the power when they called upon His name

Suddenly, I can feel His mighty power
Suddenly, I can feel the change within
And I know that I will never ever be the same again
You can find what you need at the altar
Leave behind every weight that presses in
For the Spirit of the Lord is still moving

Never let your heart become troubled
No need to be afraid
When it seems you don't have strength
To carry on
There is glory in God's presence
There is healing in His Word
He's our anchor and our peace in every storm
So my friend call on the Lord and trust His Word
Age to age He's still the same
For He's a God that hears us
And a God that loves us
There's power in His name


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