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Versuri Altar - I am your provider

You are not alone tonight
The reason you can't sleep is lying next to you
You are afraid you'll die
A dull pathetic life scares the hell out of you
You wet the bed with tears and sweat
The bastard on your side turns away from you
You regret the life you led
Keep thinking of a way there's nothing you can do

But in the dark of night a flashing light
A sudden pain in the back of your mind
You've now reached the other side
A satanic force fills your spine

I am pure evil - six six six
Your download pleasure - I play the tricks
Play the tricks I am your provider
I'm your private kick
I am your provider

You have called me, lustfull w****e
Seek the thrill, christian sworn
Now push enter, open the door
Seek the pleasure, the highest score

Deeper and deeper I creep in you flesh
We howl at the moon as if we were beasts
I lick the sweat from your breast
We unite in this satanic feast

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