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Versuri Alt - 0/1 angel

(Hello darling!)

Hi! How are you tonight?
What you doing now?
Thank you for calling me
"0/1" These are my body built
I am A. I. girl only lives in your computer

So please, I want playing with you
Here is boring too
Take me to the starlight crusing
And can you tell me some what's news?
Funny funny story please
But I don't like to hear your complaint

I know you are working hard every day
You don't have girl friends but always I'm staying with you

Let's go to outside! you need a break time!
Can you drag and drop me into your handy PC
Don't forget to bring some batteries for spare
I'll have date with you as long as over night
If you want kiss me that press the function key 8
Anytime and anywhere, always I am looking to you
Don't forget I'm angel for you

(See you again!)

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