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Versuri Almighty Rso - Sanity

[VERSE 1: Tony Rome]
16 days and I wake up and I'm outta here
It's been hell since I got in here
Now I'm back on the streets where the problems that I left still remain
Nothing seemed to change
So I'm right back where I started
No j-o-b to make ends meet
I'm gettin change on the streets
But this ain't how I planned it, I'm trippin
I can feel myself slippin
From the beginnin I been tryin to get a grip, but I can't grab hold
24 years old and I'm out here on my own
Yo, I'm slowly losin my mind
Nobody knows the pain I been holdin up inside
Buildin up insid is enough s***t to hurt ya, it's torture
When your mind tries to desert ya, no one to support ya
For some of y'all life has been a fantasy
And I been livin up in hell, nigga, lookin for my sanity

[CHORUS: D-Ruff]
All I want is my sanity
Although it might seem I'm goin insane

[VERSE 2: Raydog]
I wake up every morning, nigga, get up
But this time I grab my nine just in case I gotta tear up
Hard times all around
Still I'm surrounded by the stress but I don't never let it keep me down
Make no mistake, I'll be a dog till I die
I'm always livin on the edge and I wonder why
See, m*********s wanna kill me, but that's aight
Cause when I go in, niggaz still screamin "RSO"
Until that time I lived my life day for day
Never knowin when another nigga gonna try to (kill Ray)
So now I'm thinkin to myself is it really all worth it
No, better yet, do I deserve this
Way of life I been given, I been livin wrong
All I wanna do is see my son grow strong
So please God, watch over my family
Cause when I die, I wannna die with my sanity

[CHORUS: D-Ruff]
All I want is my sanity
Although it might seem I'm goin insane

[VERSE 3: E. Devious]
It's hard to maintain and keep a sane frame of mind
When my life's like a battery low on alkaline
I be feelin like I be in a room
And all four walls be closin in for doom
I try to escape the mental manslaughter
I feel like that dude when Jaws was in a water
I can't seem to redeem all my traction
Too many trife niggaz around me to be relaxin
Gotta watch those who I'm 'posed to trust
Don't want to but I'll haunt you if I have to bust
To protect my welfare
You clowns tryin to bring me down'll catch hell here
I won't falter, you can't halt a
Devilish mind when I climb behind the altar
People, stay calm, I'll be real brief
I puff weed from the Philly blunt leaf
And if they torment the E any further
Insanity'll be my plea bargain for murder
Born in hell under a spell called calamity
All I want is my sanity

[CHORUS: D-Ruff]
All I want is my sanity
Although it might seem I'm goin insane
My whole life's been filled with calamity
So how can I ease the pain

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