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Versuri All Star United - Superstar

Wistful for disco
We get a little misty remembering Menudo
And all those old pros
The Bay City Rollers and Pinky Tuscadero

It must be our breeding
Call us like cattle, we come stampeding
To the new romantics
Everybody wants a love titanic
And Tiger Beat keeps us on cue

It's true
We were born to worship someone
It's true, I do

Yeah, yeah, You
You are my superstar
And they know who You are
You're never fading
Yeah, You
You are the only One by far
Because You are never changing

Jacksons, Osmonds
Got digested by the cult that caused them
Abba, Poison
Oh how the mighty, the mighty have fallen

Though You fell out of fashion
And You never made the cover
Of a rag like Hit Parader
I could never love another
When I tasted the bread
And when I tasted of the wine
I went blind to everything but how
You shine

You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar
You are my Superstar

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