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when it adds up to nothin' it makes you wonder why you try. stunned and numb left wondering why when
the truth is cruel, the lies turn white. i called and couldn't reach you, i got too hung up. i'm a
phase that you've outgrown, lying in the darkness all alone. you got a fake i. d. and somewhere else
to be with someone who isn't me. tell yourself it meant something, used to mean a lot to me.
something died, just the pain survived. when i got tired of crying i dried my eyes. burn the bridges
that you must, past to ashes, trust to dust, empty loneliness and lust. love wasn't enough, trust
wasn't enough. i believed what you said was true, ever always only you. just another broken trust,
nothing's forever. i believe what you said was true. it wasn't enough. i believe that you meant it
too. it wasn't enough 'cause your promise means nothin' much less than nothing', 'cause you left me
with nothing now.

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