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When I was young I wallowed in none
You know none is no way to be
You must go for ALL
Go for ALL and ALL will set you free

If you continue to wallow in noneconcious and hollow
Nonetheless go for ALL and ALLness will follow
ALL, like gravity, is there ALL the time
Applehead Newton was a figment of mind
Run far and wide but you can't hide
We're ALL - we got no sense of pride!
We won't exercise undue force
Or engage in somenatious intercourse

ALLulations to the ALL-worthy
ALL is ALL you need
It's the fifth primary colour
It's the number between zero and infinity
Some would have you settle for itself
When ALL is in your grasp

When I was young I wallowed in none
You know none is no way to be
Now I go for ALL!
Go for ALL and ALL will set you free

Don't mistake ALL for love or hate
It's not like any other mental state
It's the total extent, when nothing else remains
The utmost possible of possible gains
There'll be no selfishness, evil, or greed
ALL don't care about your race or creed
ALL is ALL you have to do
Cause anything else would be A. U.
I was a non entity once
Then I receive a revALLution
It made me re evALLuate my way of life
I ALLivated my outlook
Some daid I had ALLterior motives
They were right
My life started ALL over again
It's ALL up to you
But are you up to ALL?
Ye must quest ALL
Lest ye become somefull
Or something of a noneskull
Saying something that is nonesense

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