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Versuri Alice Nine - Mirror ball (english)

trimise de Yukiyuki16Yukiyuki16.

Hide and seek repeated endlessly
It's the intersection of light and dark

The boundary line of you and me
The line is drawn, and separated two people

The eye liner that ran, it made black tears fall
Light that reflects in the eye, the stairway that continues to the sky

The light of the moon dyes my heart, this finger is untied
If even eternity fades, stop this moment

In shallow sleep, gather and paint
Using tools of pictures of dreams and thoughts

Our dance floor is like that
The overlapping moon is a mirror ball

My wish isn't a shooting star, please let it reach you
If everyone is alone, we wouldn't have met

It's a rain of stardust in the mirror, towards the revolving seasons once again
Before long, light will go from the past to the future, so goodbye for now.

The words made hoarse in the chain of sadness, they called out your name, danced in the air
I'm still calling The sky clouds, with dirtied wings, go on and run through now

Will this song be able to play without withering
No matter how much time passes, how much tears dry up? Because I wish to be by your side at that

Even if the light of the moon disappears over time, because it will always be there
Without changing, it will shine on you, the epilogue painted in the dream

You and I are face and back unity.
If you decide to live, I will live, too.

Surely, even the stray cat that is injured somewhere and gazing up at the moonlit night, is the same

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