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Versuri Alias - Remember me

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Girl, what have you done to my mind?
You poisoned my soul and thrown me in the night!
Say you'll ever understand why my nights're so cold?
I ain't waiting for you 'till the day I'll get old!

You lied to me so sweet, but now is too late!
I can't cry no more, I just want to hate!
But girl, I still love you, it feels like I'm dead!
Without you next to me, without love 'till the end!

Standing by the window, all I can see,
Moments of the past, when you were with me!
I'm waiting for you to walk down the street,
To call your name baby,
... come back & love me sweet!

I'm roaming again, on the streets, in the dark,
And all I can hear is the full moon's bark!
The darkness surrounds me, as I lay on the grass,
Closing my eyes, I'll think 'bout my past!

I wake up again, I count 'nother day,
Since I lost your heart, since you walked away,
I'm alone in the night, Can't find a way out,
You're the one thing I love, you're the one thing I want!


In that calm november night,
When you walked in my sight,
All my tears washed away,
Left behind all the pain,
But those times 're getting old,
Night became oh so cold,
You appear like the sun...
... but you vanished in the dawn!

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