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Versuri Alias - Love is blind

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Loaded with anger,
And filled with pain,
I can't stand no more baby,
I can't lose again!
Though I've been waitin'
You vanished like the rain,
Been listening to your lies,
That put me in chains,
But now I am leaving,
You'll find me no more,
Baby there's not turning back since I'll walk on that door!

Ohhhh, ohhh,
Like the storm, like the rain,
ohhhh, ohhh,
I will sneak through my days
Ohhh, ohhh,
But the winds passing by,
Will always remember me.. that love is blind

Now I can remember
Those things that you've said,
Your promisses moved me,
But now they're all dead,
It was no tomorrow,
At least that's what I thought,
But now I can see baby,
That everythin' is cold,
I gave you 'll my lovin
And you've been so mean,
I've learned in the game of love, nobody wins.

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