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Versuri Alexz Johnson - 2 am

trimise de MaddoMaddo.

Snow falls on the city
white on white
It's the color of hope
on an unforgiving night
you kissed me into ruins
sin on sin
now i've gotta love your love letters
written on my skin

I can't tell the stars from the downtown lights
If i said I was truly over you
my heart would say amen
but I'd give in to the cold caress of 2 am.
If I admit I can't get used to this
will my heart break again?
as i fall into the waiting arms of 2 AM

someone's scratchy music through the walls.
sirens weavin' thru the streets
i must have missed your call
gathering up these nights
black on black
i know your voice like it's my own
and it makes my heart go slack

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