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Versuri Alexandru Silaghi feat Engleza - O fata

trimise de AlexsilaghiAlexsilaghi.

A girl in the store and ask?
In a big hurry
Do you have a portable notebook?
Baba answered in the negative

The girl starts to cry
Alleviate a colleague
Got a memorandum miie
But unfortunately are primitive

It's not just a game
It is not luck
That's an idea
From my thousands

If you do not understand
Nare sense to start
Do not bend down Capu
Please be happy

Do not hide
Better answer
Do not worry
pay rent

Trust yourself
Do you know better
Do not cry Mommy Mommy
Even if a tsunami comes

Believe me be brave
It is more advantageous
But still know fear
Even an ant

You're weird
Everyone says you're too praised
Take m********a
Amazon Vine

Behave yourself
By cosmos
Leave us alone
As we do not like

Sparleanu Andi: Appoint like to clean up
Because not all great
If you love
Put your hand and make

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