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Versuri Alexandra Stan - Kiss me goodbye

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Do you remember? It was last summer,
When you told me all those little lies,
I realized your freaky motions were just alibis,
Why didn't you call me to say you miss me?
That you thought about me day and night,
Cause without me, there's no color,
There's just black and white.

You thought that you'd still be driving me crazy,
Played with fire once, I know it burns,
There's no magic trick that you can do to make me turn,
You can stop trying, won't be replying,
You better know that I am so much more,
Since I freed myself from everything we had before.

Now I think it's time that you should know what I'm about,
Boy, I'll try to help you figure out,
There's so much you're missing out,
So hear me out.

Kiss me goodbye, bye, bye,
Kiss me goodbye,
Dame la boca, besame,
No, no me tocas, besame.

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