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Versuri Alexandra Stan feat Inna & Daddy Yankee - We wanna

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

We wanna dance till we can't no more,
We wanna love with the lights down low,
From Argentina to Morocco,
We wanna dance, it's about to go,
It's about to go.

Down in the heart of town,
There's an epidemic gone around,
I get the fever when I hear that sound,
I can't help, I gotta move right now,
When I hit the drums start to play,
I let my body run away
I wanna party like everyday
If you hear me, let me hear you say.

Do we wanna stop it? No way!
Do we let the cops in? No Way!
We're about to rock this! Whole place!
What do we want?

About to go,
It's about to go.

They call me Afro baby,
I see you be looking, daddy, come get it,
I'm with it already, you better get busy,
So city to city the girls are spinnin' Get down down down down,
Say 1, 2, 3 to the 4,
Mami, move it like you try to make it on the tour,
But you're the one that got me on the trippin,
Like the world's in my hands, but they're really on the hips,
Perdona de el drama se ve potencial,
El maximo lider del party mondial,
High up on your like we're end it,
Hands up like you know I'm a bandit,
Have fun!

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